Using the Power of Narrative to Empower Minority Communities

Community members gather with Imperial Princess Ehra Amaya. Photo by Tommy Lau

“We don’t just dress up to look pretty, we dress up to do the work”

How Cultural and Artistic Practices Foster Urban Accountability

Alleluia Panis in front of the dance film she directed with Kularts “She Who Can See” — on view in the YBCA galleries as part of Echo Location visual arts exhibit. Photo credit: Austin Blackwell

It was suddenly much harder to just walk into a place and photograph — now there were locked gates, door buzzers, lawyers…

The Cultural District Movement is Legacy and Resistance

San Francisco’s Cultural Heritage Districts. Illustration by Fred Noland for [people. power. media], 2021

“Success in our district would mean thriving businesses and non-profit organizations in our community, it would mean decreasing the income disparity, stable housing for families, elders, students, and adults. Our working-class community, newcomers, teachers, and artists wouldn’t have the fear…

How Social Impact Entrepreneurs Can Better Leverage Transformational Narratives

Our Storytelling and Creative Strategy Services Are Designed to Invoke, Reflect, and Fulfill Community Needs

A breakout group ideating narratives for a public agency in our Storytelling Workshop Level 2. Photo: Austin Blackwell

Public Health Preordained by Urban Planning

Still from Before It Was Them Now It’s Us courtesy of Gabrielle Lurie, Manjula Varghese

Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid in the Mainstream?

Community members working on a neighborhood garden in International Village, Cleveland OH. Still from “Dreamhood” courtesy the Director.

An opportunity to reconsider our connections with the earth, the economy, with each other, & with that that brings us together — food.

Hunts Point Food Distribution Center in the Bronx is comprised of three independent cooperative markets: the Hunts Point Cooperative Meat Market, the Hunts Point Terminal Produce Market, and the New Fulton Fish Market, each of which in turn sublets space to various private distributors and vendors. Image from “How the Coronavirus is Affecting New York City’s Food Supply Chain” courtesy The New Yorker.

Narrative Justice As Resistance When Exclusion Is Set In Stone

“Where The Pavement Ends” investigates the material and nonmaterial repercussions of a physical barricade between Ferguson and Kinloch, MO. Still from “Where The Pavement Ends” courtesy the Director.

SF Urban Film Fest

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